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Electrostatic Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

The Book Electrostatic Quiz Questions, Electrostatic MCQ with answers key PDF 3 to study online courses, Applied Physics Tests. Practice Electric Potential MCQs, Electrostatic MCQ questions and answers to prepare for job interview. The eBook Electrostatic Quiz App Download: coulombs law, gauss law, capacitor career test for ACT test.

The Quiz: ERG used for activity of an eye is an abbreviation of PDF, "Electrostatic" App iOS & Android (Free) with electroretinography, eyeretinography, electricalretinography, and both a and b choices for online bachelor degree programs. Study electric potential quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for SAT test prep classes.

Physics: Electrostatic Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: ERG used for activity of an eye is an abbreviation of

A) eyeretinography
B) electroretinography
C) electricalretinography
D) both a and b

MCQ: Formula that describes the statement of Coulomb's law is

A) f = kQ1Q2/r²
B) f = Q1Q2/r²
C) f = kQ/r²
D) f = kQ1Q2/r

MCQ: For Gauss's law, point charges in closed surface must be distributed

A) arbitrarily
B) sequentially
C) rational
D) in line

MCQ: The value of the constant K in the Coulomb's law has the value of

A) 9 × 10³
B) 9 × 105
C) 9 × 107
D) 9 × 109

MCQ: 1 µF of capacitance is equal to

A) 10-2 F
B) 10-3 F
C) 10-4 F
D) 10-6 F

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