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Electrostatic Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 3

Electrostatic quiz questions and answers, Electrostatic MCQ worksheet with answers key PDF to solve Applied Physics MCQ Test 3 for online classes. Practice electric potential MCQs, Electrostatic MCQ questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. Electrostatic Interview Questions PDF: electric potential, coulombs law, gauss law, capacitor career test for ACT test.

"ERG used for activity of an eye is an abbreviation of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on electrostatic with choices electroretinography, eyeretinography, electricalretinography, and both a and b for online bachelor degree programs. Learn electric potential quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for SAT test prep classes.

Electrostatic Questions and Answers

MCQ: ERG used for activity of an eye is an abbreviation of

both a and b

MCQ: Formula that describes the statement of Coulomb's law is

f = kQ1Q2/r²
f = Q1Q2/r²
f = kQ/r²
f = kQ1Q2/r

MCQ: For Gauss's law, point charges in closed surface must be distributed

in line

MCQ: The value of the constant K in the Coulomb's law has the value of

9 × 10³
9 × 105
9 × 107
9 × 109

MCQ: 1 µF of capacitance is equal to

10-2 F
10-3 F
10-4 F
10-6 F