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Chapter 9: Applied Physics Exam Tests

Applied Physics MCQs - Chapter 9

Electrostatic MCQ Questions PDF - 2

The Book Electrostatic MCQ Questions, Electrostatic MCQ with answers PDF, test 2 to learn online Applied Physics Degree Course. Solve Coulombs Law Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Electrostatic quiz with answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The e-Book Electrostatic MCQ App Download: electric potential, electrostatics, electric field lines career test for SAT test.

The MCQ Quiz: Two positive charges Q1 = 16 C and Q2 = 4 C, separated by a diameter of 3 m will produce the force of PDF, "Electrostatic" App Android & iOS (Free) with 41.1 n, 40 n, 42.3 n, and 42.7 n choices for GRE practice test. Practice coulombs law quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online college bachelor degree.

Physics MCQ: Electrostatic Quiz Online PDF Download - 2

MCQ: Two positive charges Q1 = 16 C and Q2 = 4 C, separated by a diameter of 3 m will produce the force of

A) 40 N
B) 41.1 N
C) 42.3 N
D) 42.7 N

MCQ: For detecting abnormal behavior of the brain, the technique used is


MCQ: At position of (4i + 3j) by a point charge 5 × 10-6 C placed at origin will produce electric field of

A) 1240i + 1180j
B) 1442i + 2080j
C) 2440i + 3080j
D) 1440i + 1080j

MCQ: Two point charges -1 × 10-6 C and 4 × 10-6 C separated by 3 m distance have zero field location of

A) 1 m
B) 2 m
C) 3 m
D) 4 m

MCQ: The printer that uses electric charges is called

A) inkjet printer
B) laser printer
C) desk jet printer
D) both a and b

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