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Applied Physics Interview Questions - Chapter

Electronics in Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 5

Electronics in Physics multiple choice questions and answers, Electronics in Physics quiz answers PDF to solve Applied Physics worksheets 5 for online colleges. Solve logic gates MCQs, Electronics in Physics trivia questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. Electronics in Physics MCQ PDF: logic gates, pn junction, rectification career test for online college for teaching degree.

"If 3.5 V is applied to a gate, it will accept it as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on electronics in physics with choices low, high, 1, and 0 for online college courses. Practice logic gates quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for accredited online colleges.

MCQs on Electronics in Physics Quiz

MCQ: If 3.5 V is applied to a gate, it will accept it as


MCQ: Color of light emitted by LED depends on

its forward bias
its reverse bias
forward current
semiconductor material

MCQ: Ratio of the forward voltage and a forward current is known as

PN junction
forward resistance
forward junction

MCQ: In half-wave rectification, during negative cycle of the wave, the diode is

reverse biased
forward biased
potential barrier
both a and b

MCQ: Common type of rectification is

half wave rectification
full wave rectification
quarter wave rectification
both a and b

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