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The e-Book Cultural Transmission of Arts MCQ Questions and Answers, cultural transmission of arts quiz answers PDF, test 60 to learn online course, Human Diversity tests. Solve Arts MCQ questions, cultural transmission of arts Test for online learning. The e-Book "Cultural Transmission of Arts Tests" App Download: tylor's contributions to the study of primitive religion, states, anthropology and business, medical anthropology, cultural transmission of arts test prep for free online college courses.

The MCQ Quiz "Art is part of" PDF, Cultural Transmission of Arts App APK Download with life, tradition, politics, and culture choices for online associates degree. Study arts questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online undergraduate degree.

Human Diversity: Cultural Transmission of Arts MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Art is part of

A) Tradition
B) Life
C) Politics
D) Culture

MCQ: According to anthropology many cultures have the view that the body should be

A) Well conditioned
B) Clean
C) Kept in an equilibrium
D) Be treated with respect

MCQ: Development anthropologists can help

A) Development projects avoid embarrassing cultural gaffes
B) To inform project developers of important cultural norm
C) To communicate development project goals to people
D) To understand the human dimension of environmental degradation

MCQ: According to anthropologists the most extreme examples of male-female sexual antagonism is situated in

A) Africa
B) New Guinea
C) America
D) Japan

MCQ: Gradualness as the midwife social change was accepted by

A) Marxists
B) Democratic Socialists
C) Syndicalists
D) Anarchists

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