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Symbolic Anthropology Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 81


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Symbolic Anthropology MCQ questions and answers, symbolic anthropology quiz answers PDF 81 to practice Anthropology Basics exam questions for online classes. Practice Symbolic MCQ questions, symbolic anthropology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Symbolic Anthropology Interview Questions PDF: applied anthropology, social anthropology, kinship of anthropology, archaeology of anthropology, symbolic anthropology test prep for online college classes.

"Symbolic is a sign of" MCQ PDF with choices culture and personality, primitive religion, myth and ritual, and strauss and unconscious for bachelor degree online in 2 years. Learn symbolic questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online undergraduate degree.

Trivia Quiz on Symbolic Anthropology MCQs

MCQ: Symbolic is a sign of

Primitive religion
Culture and Personality
Myth and Ritual
Strauss and Unconscious

MCQ: Archaeology is a branch of

Cultural anthropology
Biological anthropology
None of these

MCQ: Endogamy in anthropology is

Marriage within the family
Marriage out of the family
Class and caste
within the community

MCQ: Socially approved ways of behaving are called

Cultural- traits
Social norms

MCQ: Society as a complex organization of parts that functions to fulfill the requirement

Structural functionalism
Interaction School of thought
None of these