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Practice Kinship of Anthropology MCQ questions and answers, kinship of anthropology quiz answers PDF 21 to prepare Anthropology Basics test for online classes. Kinship MCQ questions, kinship of anthropology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Kinship of Anthropology Book PDF: agriculture of anthropology, cultural anthropology, kinship of anthropology test prep for online university courses.

"Sexual relations by married persons other than those with their legislate spouse is" MCQ PDF: reproductive activity, adultery, biological paternity, and none of these for best online colleges. Solve kinship questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accredited distance learning universities.

Trivia Quiz on Kinship of Anthropology MCQs

MCQ: Sexual relations by married persons other than those with their legislate spouse is

Reproductive activity
Biological paternity
None of these

MCQ: Cultural anthropology means

Norms and values
Social gathering

MCQ: Agriculture is the production of

Food and shelter
Food and Goods
Shelter and dress
None of these

MCQ: The exchange of goods for goods without the intervention of money is

Give and take
None of these

MCQ: Morgan's systems of consanguinity and affinity of the human family was introduced in


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